High-Low Poker

Appropriately, a royal flush is considered to be the greatest potential hand combination. However, this only applies to basic poker varieties in which the hand with the highest value wins.
The term “high” refers to the hand that is the strongest conceivable. In versions including as Texas Holdem and Omaha, this hand is a royal flush. In contrast, “low” is the weakest possible hand, and there are certain prerequisites for collecting it:
Low cannot contain cards with a value greater than 8; the Ace is the lowest card in this scenario; straights and flushes cannot make a low.
Occasionally, a single hand might be both high and low, meaning the person holding that hand wins both halves of the pot.

High-Low Omaha is the most popular form of poker that incorporates high-low. The primary objective of high-low games is the distribution of the pot among the players. The pot is split between the player holding the best traditional high hand and the player holding the best traditional low hand. In the event that no player collects the low hand, the pot is awarded to the player with the highest hand, like in traditional poker varieties.
The manner in which the draw and betting operate is comparable to that of traditional variants, however the manner in which the pot is divided drastically modifies the approach. For instance, it may be advantageous to obtain the “wheel hand” (A-2-3-4-5, also known as ace-to-five low), which could let you to win both halves of the pot.
In high-low split games where more than five cards are handed to each player, each player picks five cards to form his hand.


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