Music Producer Steve Albini Wins Second WSOP Bracelet

Steve Albini doesn’t just make hits in the world of music; he also hits it big when scoring poker wins. The legendary music producer has just won his second World Series of Poker bracelet  landing an impressive prize worth $196,089.

Albini’s WSOP 2022 Win

Steve Albini took part in the $1,500 HORSE event, with nearly 800 other players. As he made it through to the final table, he had a mid-sized stack. As David Williams busted in ninth place, Albini assumed the chip lead with 5.3 million chips and Jason Daly trailed behind him with 3.9 million.

Tamon Nakamura busted out in eight place, followed by Eddy Vataru and Peter Brownstein. While most players at the final table were being eliminated by Richard Bai, Albini managed to keep his head above water by scoping smaller pots often.

Kyle Loman busted before the dinner break and, as the four players returned to the table, Bai and Albini found themselves to be the short stacks. Bai was soon taken out by James Morgan and Alibini managed to land an impressive pot by eliminating Daly.

As heads-up play began, Albini had a chip lead of 5-to-1 over Morgan. There was a little bit of back-and-forth until the final hand where Albini landed a jack-high flush to secure the bag.

Experience as a Poker Player

Albini has been playing poker since the late 1960s. He was taught by his great grandmother and taken what he’s learned to become an incredibly successful player. Over the years, he has cashed in 9 WSOP events, winning one other bracelet when he took down the $1,500 Seven Card Stud event in 2018.

As his full-time job is a music producer (more on that later), he only plays poker in his spare time – and the online times he players in tournaments is during the World Series of Poker. When the WSOP isn’t running, he plays in cash games in his hometown of Chicago.

“When I’m playing poker, I try to commit to it. I try to take it seriously. I try to make sure I devote the attention to it that it deserves as an occupation. But it’s only part of my year. I only play tournaments at the World Series of Poker” – Albini say

Albini’s Music Career

We’ve seen some big names in the music industry playing poker at the WSOP, including Nelly and Papo MC, but none are as legendary as Albini who has helped produce and engineer thousands of albums over the course of his career. He has played in Shellac, Rapeman and Big Black but is better known as a producer.

Among his most famous albums are Nirvana’s In Utero, PJ Harvey’s Rid of Me and Page and Plant’s (of Rolling Stones fame) Walking into Clarksdale. He has also worked with Mogwai, Joanna Newsom, Jarvis Cocker, Superchunk, Pixies and Bush.

We’re thrilled for Albini and congratulate him on earning his second World Series of Poker bracelet. We’ll be keeping our eyes on his for the rest of the tournament!



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