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Twitch Bans Unregulated Online Casinos From Gambling Streams, Poker Unaffected

Life comes at you fast. Just days after some of the most popular Twitch streamers threatened to boycott the site if it didn’t ban gambling streams, Twitch announced that it will do just that,[…]

Exactly why do people need poker solvers if they can just figure it out by themselves?

To appreciate why people use poker solvers, it’s important to think about the Game Theory Optimal. A hypothesis initially suggested by John Nash, this one states that a draw is inevitable when two perfect[…]

Bill Perkins: No soy una especie de genio del poker, es sólo que el software moderno es demasiado bueno

Perkins es el invitado más nuevo en la sección «Ask Me Anything» de la sección reddit de GG. Los lectores le rogaron que por backing, sacaron a relucir los secretos de las inversiones exitosas y[…]

When asked to define sports poker, many people struggle

Since poker’s conception, people have argued about whether or not it belongs in the category of sports. Some may confidently reply that poker is not a sport since it is simply another kind of[…]

Guidelines for the Game of Five-Card Draw Poker

If you’re just getting started with poker and don’t know where to go from here, 5-card poker is a great place to learn the ropes. It has some of the simplest but most fascinating[…]

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