Poker decks

Poker decks can vary, however in the most popular variations of the game three types of decks are used, with the only difference being the number of cards.

36 cards – the deck features 36 cards, with nine cards from 6 to an ace of each suit. Since this deck is different from the “classic” 52 cards deck, some mathematical aspects of the game are also altered, which leads to a divergence from a classic hand ranking – a flush becomes stronger than a full house. This is something to keep in mind while playing with the 36 cards deck.

52 cards – the most used deck, featuring cards from 2 to an ace. Most poker guides and strategies imply that you play with this deck.

54 cards – the classic 52 cards deck with the addition of two Jokers. Joker can play the role of any card and beat any card. In some variations of poker, a new powerful hand appears – it is called “poker” and consists of cards of similar value. But since there are only four suits, which means there can only be four cards of the same value, the joker replaces the fifth card. This hand beats even the royal flush, which is the strongest possible hand in classic variations of poker.

Regardless of the number of cards, their designations are similar in all poker rooms and decks. 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-J-Q-K-A, with 10 being the only exception. Sometimes it’s spelled “10”, and sometimes “T” which is short for “ten”. Some believe that “10” stands out because it’s the only card with two figures in its designation, which many players find odd.


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