What is a tilt and how to resist it?

Poker is something that puts a player’s psychological resilience to test. The tilt is a result of emotional pressure, which can appear after a streak of lost games. Sometimes, even professional players find it extremely difficult to resist. 

A tilt is a state in which a player no longer has self-control. It occurs during poker sessions and can lead to hasty irrational decisions and the loss of huge sums of money.

When can tilt occur?

Immediately after losing a huge pot, especially if the opponent got very lucky and your seemingly unbeatable hand was actually beaten.

If the opponent, in your opinion, lacks proper skills but keeps winning anyway. It is easy to get angry and lose self-control, which results in tilt. 

If you have “bad luck” – you seemingly just can’t get good cards in your hand, but if you somehow manage to find them, you still lose.

How to resist tilt?

Set a stop-loss – it will make sure you’ll leave the table after losing a certain amount of money you find acceptable.

Don’t play poker while in a bad mood – if something other than the game concerns you at the moment, you better not play at all. You will not be distracted or upset, and won’t lose money due to your own hasty decisions. 

Taking a break might actually be a good idea. Take some time to regain control over yourself and return to the table when your condition improves. 

Lowering the limit might actually work as well. The lower the limit, the weaker are your opponents. You’ll win more often and calm down.


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