This autumn, Russell Crowe’s “Poker Face” film will be released

Soon, the poker world may anticipate the release of a new film with well-known stars. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of poker-themed films.

In addition to documentaries on notable poker players who have left their mark on the game’s history, several feature-length films have been produced in recent years.

Among them is the forthcoming picture “Poker Face,” produced by the well-known New Zealand actor Russell Crowe. In addition, he performed the lead part.

Russell will portray a millionaire poker player who chooses to host a high-stakes game at his home in the film. According to the narrative, his hero discovers that his personal nemesis will attend the game, and Russell Crowe’s character intends to get vengeance.

Due to the presence of extremely prominent celebrities, the film should play a significant role in popularizing poker across the globe. Additionally, Liam Hemsworth and Natalie Portman participated in the shooting. Obviously, there probably won’t be much poker in the film itself. It is too early to say with absolute confidence that poker will play a larger role in this film’s narrative than it did in the last one.

The whole film was meant to be shot a year ago, but six days before the conclusion of production, one of the cast members was diagnosed with a coronavirus, delaying the process.

However, it is already known that Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment has acquired the film’s distribution rights and is preparing for its release.

«We’ve been big fans of the story since we first read it years ago, and Russell has crafted that into the entertaining adventure that we know audiences will love experiencing soon», – claimed the representative of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

“Poker Face” is scheduled to be released in cinemas on November 16 and digitally on November 22. It’s been a long time since there were poker movies with performers of this caliber, so the film should be entertaining nevertheless.



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