30 players remain in the field for the 2022 WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic as Brian Kim leads the way

After obtaining the cards in the air for the 2022 World Poker Tour Five Diamond World Poker Classic Main Event on Wednesday, they wasted no time. The 569 entrants blew above the $5 million guarantee for the event, and the money bubble burst on Friday. As Day 3 completed on Friday evening, just 30 players remained, with Day 2 chip leader Brian Kim maintaining his advantage and Day 1 leader Mike Vanier staying in the Top Five.

Protracted Remainder on the Money Bubble

On Friday, 95 players were reintroduced to the WPT Action Clock, which has been a staple of their tournaments. In the late stages of a tournament, before to the breaking of the money bubble, the WPT Action Clock, a 30-second “shot clock” that pushes players to play, is implemented. Even with the clock in effect from the start of play on Friday, the struggle to reduce the field to 72 participants was lengthy.

More over three hours passed before that bubble burst. After seventeen hands of hand-for-hand play, Brian Rast opened the betting, only to be three-bet by Chad Eveslage. Eveslage termed Rast’s all-in wager, which consisted of four bets. Rast’s pocket pair of Jacks seemed to be strong until Eveslage revealed his pocket pair of Aces. An Ace on the flop effectively terminated Rast’s tournament, and when the turn and river failed to produce a Jack, Rast’s tournament concluded in 73rd place and out of the money.

Will Failla was pleased to learn that the financial bubble had burst. Failla, who had around 27,000 in chips during hand-for-hand play, was able to wait out the situation, folding pocket Queens at one point, until Rast was eliminated. Failla would even double up once after the money was won, but he would leave the table shortly afterwards with his micro-cash.

Kim and Vanier Maintain Their Outstanding Performances

This weekend, not only did Failla leave the Bellagio with some cash in his pocket, but so did a number of other top professionals. With their performance at the Bellagio, Barry Hutter, Aaron Massey, Chris Hunichen, Adam Hendrix, Taylor von Kriegenberg, and Farah Galfond all added to their Hendon Mob résumé. But one name piqued intrigue, a name that has recently been mentioned in the poker world.

Robbie Jade Lew maximized her time at the WPT Five Diamond, advancing far into the third day of play before ultimately losing. After Steve Buckner upped the stakes, Lew would go all-in with a substantial stack of chips. Buckner made the call quickly, signaling he had a monster hand, which he did.

Buckner’s pocket Kings were superior to Lew’s Big Slick, and the board did nothing to alter that fact. Running out Queen high, Lew was unable to locate the Ace she needed to win the hand, and she left the Bellagio with $22,400 for finishing in 49th place.

Kim and Vanier did nothing to diminish their hopes of reaching the WPT final table of six players. On Friday, they started the game with a record of 1-2 and played flawlessly till the conclusion of the night. Vanier became closer to Kim after the bagging was completed.

  1. Brian Kim, 2.33 million
  2. Mike Vanier, 2.29 million
  3. Ren Lin, 2.195 million
  4. Chad Eveslage, $2,02,000,000
  5. Dan Colpoys, $1,55,000,000
  6. Ralph Perry, $1,42,000,000
  7. Matthew Su, 1,215,000,000
  8. Justin Bonomo, 985,000
    Amir Lehavot, 920,000 dollars
  9. Long Tran, 895,000

Every remaining player will win at least $32,400 for returning to the tables on Saturday, but the objective is to reach the final table on Sunday. The sixth-place finisher receives $216,000, while the eventual winner receives $1,042,300 in addition to having their name engraved on the Mike Sexton WPT Champions’ Cup and earning a spot to the WPT World Championship in December.

Source: www.pokernewsdaily.com


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