On January 1, PokerStars will merge its Michigan and New Jersey player bases

There is now another multi-state poker network
Poker enthusiasts in Michigan and New Jersey finally got their Christmas wish this past weekend when PokerStars combined their player bases. Because the pooled funds won’t be available until January 1, 2023, they’ll have to remain patient for another week before they can crack open the gift.

When PokerStars launches their interstate online poker network, it will be just the second such network in the United States, after the PokerStars Network in Nevada.

Only WSOP.com/888poker connects sites in many states, including Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey. The official name of the network is the All American Poker Network, although I don’t believe anybody has ever referred to it by that name. In Nevada and New Jersey, players utilize WSOP.com, which runs on 888’s poker software, while in Delaware, players may choose from one of three racino-linked sites, all of which run on 888’s software.

Player participation in World Series of Poker online bracelet tournaments is not restricted to only Nevada and New Jersey since they are hosted on WSOP.com. Unfortunately, the gamers in Delaware have no such luck.

Membership in the Multi-State Internet Gambling Agreement (MSIGA) has allowed the three states to pool their player bases for many years (Nevada and Delaware first, then New Jersey came along later). Since May, when Michigan joined MSIGA, online poker venues have had access to Michigan players. The locations still needed governmental cooperation to complete necessary technological approvals, testing, etc.

The absence of Nevada and Delaware from this statement is due to PokerStars’ lack of a physical presence in those areas. Pennsylvania, where it has a highly trafficked site, is not a member of MSIGA, but it would be a great addition to the network.

We appreciate gifts even if we have some idea of when they will arrive.
Bringing together the talent pools of Michigan and New Jersey is not unexpected but is yet appreciated. When PokerStars shut down both sites for more than 24 hours to update servers two weeks ago, everyone knew it was in advance of the shared liquidity. It’s conceivable that there have been a few private tournaments that have been broadcast simultaneously on both platforms to ensure smooth operation.

According to PokerStars US Managing Director Severin Rasset, “the coming together of Michigan and New Jersey is great news for our players in these two states and poker, more generally, as it promises a better experience and even more value, all with the confidence provided by a trusted, licensed operator.” This was stated in a press release from last week. All of the games will be more robust, there will be more tournaments with larger prizes, there will be more opportunities to win, and there will be more options available to our community.

Two unique events are planned on launch day to mark the coming together of the Michigan and New Jersey player bases. The first begins at 6:00pm ET and has a $100 entry fee and a $100,000 prize pool. The second event is a $10 buy-in tournament with a $50,000 guarantee and it kicks off at 6:30 p.m. The first day of registration for both events is tomorrow.

Source: www.pokernewsdaily.com


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