A Guide to Winning at Spin and Go

Spin & Go tournaments, sometimes known as “Spins,” are a variant of poker with its own set of regulations and typically higher prize pools than those of standard tournaments. Many online poker rooms have it, and newcomers to the game seem to like it the most. Here, we explain the basics of Spin and Go and reveal several intriguing methods that might be useful as you compete for the reward.

As with every poker event worth its salt, success here depends more on ability than chance. The most important guideline is to avoid taking a passive approach in the initial blinds. A catastrophic financial loss may result from such an oversight. During the first few blind levels, you shouldn’t make getting a premium hand your first priority. Tight play will lead to failure in Spins.

Each Spin and Go hand begins with a stack of 25 big blinds and may increase by 1 big blind every 3 minutes. That’s right, if you want a solid hand by waiting, you may just be late and stick with 2 or 3 huge blinds. This strategy is similar to breaking into a car via a window blind. If your opponents start playing too aggressively, fold. It’s a terrific chance to go ahead from the get-go. Finally, if your flop-equity is more than 25-30%, you should play your draws with confidence and some aggressiveness.


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