Poker Hand Rules

Casinos and poker rooms often establish their own rules for dealing cards to players, although they are typically as follows:
For the initial deal, the dealer must decide the position of the batton (button). To do so, each player at the table gets one card, and the player with the highest card begins the game from the position of the batton.
The cards are dealt after the players to the left of the button apply blinds to the table (Texas Holdem is considered). The dealer distributes one card to each player clockwise, beginning with the player to the left of the board. The deal concludes when all players have received pocket cards.
If at least one card is opened sufficiently for any of the players to evaluate it, the dealer restarts the deal. If a card falls off the table, the same rule applies. Previously, this rule appeared different, and the dealer might continue to deal cards by removing the open card from the game.


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