Who is a tight player in poker?

There are multiple types of players you can encounter while playing poker. Tight players are one of those types. They are extremely selective of cards in their hand and will always try to play only the best hands. 

Playing tight is rather simple – if you have a strong hand, you make a bet, if you have a weak hand, you fold. This is why this style is often preferred by beginners.

Tight players can be distinguished into two categories, both of which are easily recognizable by their actions in-game.

Passive tight players – playing safely is what they usually try to do. They often call on preflop. If they make a raise, it is often the minimal raise possible, because passive tight players are afraid of losing many chips. They tend to fold on a dangerous board and are extremely afraid of losing. They tend to stay in the pot only if they have a strong hand. There are multiple strategies at your disposal that can help you defeat a passive tight player. If they aren’t aggressive on the postflop, you might bluff. If they are aggressive and you don’t have a strong hand, you better fold. If you want them to fold, making a bigger bet might be an option. But the best thing you can do against such players is try to play unpredictably. 

Aggressive tight players. As the name suggests, they play extremely aggressively. They tend to play with a small number of hands, but when they feel the superiority of their hand, they perform aggressive actions. Bluffing and trying to convince them you have a rather weak hand might be a valid option.


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