What happens if 4 queens come up?

The QQQQ set makes up a combination called Four of a Kind. It is one of the strongest combinations, surpassing in seniority such five-card sets as Straight, Flush and Full House.

The seniority of combinations in poker is not determined by chance. Collecting four cards of the same value is quite difficult, especially if these are cards of a higher denomination, which include ladies.

This set gives the player a good chance of winning the hand, but the rest of the board content and the participation of pocket cards in the formation of Queens of Quads must be taken into account. Theoretically, several players can collect four of a kind in one hand, but in practice this situation rarely happens. In addition, high-value four of a kind is a strong enough combination to be easily replayed.

QQQQ is a set that will almost always be enough to win, but the percentage of its drop rate is extremely low. In most game situations, a combination of lesser strength will be enough to win.


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