What are the positions at the table called?

As you just start playing poker, you can be surprised with the fact that in this game even your positions at the table is important! Each position has its own “name” and represents basic concepts of the game. For example, you can hear terms such as UTG (Under the gun) or Lojack when starting a game. These terms represent specific positions at the table. For some poker games, these positions may not mean anything, but for others, such as Texas Hold’em, the positions at the table are directly spelled out in the rules of the game.

In Texas Hold’em, your position is related to the position of the small and big blinds on the table at the given time during the game. Depending on your position, you can use various poker strategies, and it is a good idea to know every position and understand what position you are in during each game.

Positions can be divided into 4 categories: blinds, late positions, middle positions and early positions. Under the gun or UTG positions are related to the early category, Small and Big Blinds to the blinds, Lojack and Hijack to the middle positions, Cutoff and Button to the late positions. Button positions and Blinds constantly move around the table, changing counterclockwise after every hand. 


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