How to make money in online poker?

Playing online for real money is comfortable: all kinds of formats are available, and opponents from different parts of the world meet at cash tables and in poker tournaments. An online poker player decides on his own when to play and in which room.

To make money playing poker online, follow these steps:

Step 1. Read reviews and reviews, choose a poker room and make a deposit

Step 2: Play soft cash tables or soft field poker tournaments.

Step 3: Learn poker strategy and math to improve your win rate and hourly rate.

Step 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 before withdrawing part of the winnings.

After the withdrawal of earnings, continue to play and learn. To win online, it is important to play on a soft field. Strive to play against recreational opponents. Weak opponents can be identified by their behavior at the tables:

Pre-flop limps are the most common;

A lot of trash cards are shown at showdown, like T5o or J4o;

Regularly make mini-bets or minimum 3-bets;

Don’t fold draw hands to big bets;

Use an excessive number of emoticons in chat, insult opponents, or curse bad luck in chat.

Look for tables with such players, and then the win rate will be high. It is estimated that 90% of winning poker players come from recreational players! To increase your poker income, use poker bonuses – free money that poker rooms give to their customers.

The value of choosing games

Choosing a game format is an important poker skill that is often underestimated. Make an effort to improve your technical skills and win rate, but choose the discipline with the highest mathematical expectations. Of course, given the size of the poker bankroll. The game format, in which there will be an advantage over opponents, will allow you to earn money thanks to skills.

Many poker players do not use the available options when looking for soft games. We tell you how to choose a poker discipline:

Step 1. Visit online rooms and offline casinos available in your country.

Step 2: Find the rake information for each option and compare where the rake eats up less winnings.

Step 3. Regularly review game formats and mark those that can be beaten with a good win rate.

Step 4. Analyze gaming sessions in online rooms and local casinos. To find the best game formats, focus on adequate volumes, for example, 500 hours of skating or 50,000 hands.

Step 5. Play formats from steps 1-4 more often, where the maximum winnings are expected.

Over time, you will learn to quickly recognize soft formats and will recognize opponents with whom it is profitable to play.


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