Features of “Odessa Poker”

Odessa Poker is an addictive and dynamic card game that is extremely popular in post-USSR countries. Speaking truthfully, this game has no similarities to any other poker games and is not related to it overall, and the only similarity with poker can be found in the game’s title. However, Odessa Poker is related to another card game called “Oh, Hell!” that is popular in the western cultures.

Odessa poker is played with “russian” 36-card deck or classic 52-card deck. Players assign any card in the deck as a Joker, or use a real Joker as an additional card. From two and up to six players can participate in the game. Overall process of the game revolves around dealing and trading. Some cards become “bribes”, such cards are used to break opponents’ plans and let you get rid of unnecessary cards or get necessary ones. Jokers are used as the most powerful trump card and add some extra points to you each round. In order to win the game of Odessa Poker you have to earn more points than your opponents. You earn points when trading cards and getting bribes. 

Odessa Poker involves both luck and strategy. Yet, it is a simpler game than real poker and does not require reading tons of literature and watching special tutorials. More than that, it is an “exotic” card game that can surprise your friends. We assure you that most of them have never heard about it before! 


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