Exactly why do people need poker solvers if they can just figure it out by themselves?

To appreciate why people use poker solvers, it’s important to think about the Game Theory Optimal. A hypothesis initially suggested by John Nash, this one states that a draw is inevitable when two perfect poker players face off. As soon as one player deviates from this “ideal” approach, his opponent acquires an advantage.
This is where our poker problem solvers shine. Poker solvers are specialized pieces of software that, based on a thorough examination of a vast number of permutations and strict adherence to the Game Theory Optimal, pinpoint the best course of action for each given hand. Poker solvers simplify the game by creating a solid plan of action for you to implement.
However, you should be aware that certain poker sites prohibit the use of solvers, and your use of one might result in a ban. The problem with relying too much on software is that it might make you less effective while playing without it. As a result of the complexity of the software and the need for a solid understanding of the game of poker, poker solvers are not recommended for beginners.

What is the best poker solver?

There are just a handful of well-known solvers in the poker world, and they’re all rather pricey. The instructions for using each one are included. In spite of the effort investment required to learn correct solver use, the outcome might could be worthwhile.
A few examples from the list are:

  • PioSolver
  • Simple Postflop
  • Monkersolver
  • PokerSnowie


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