Do You Think You Have What It Takes to Win the Juicy Stakes Poker Summit Series?

The ancient adage, “a rolling stone collects no moss,” is true not just in the physical world but also in the realm of real money online poker. The key for online poker service providers is to be active, always checking the market and improving their product so that they can earn a fair cut of the worldwide poker market.

It’s just the way the poker ecosystem works that those who do nothing will eventually be overrun. While comparing online poker rooms, Juicy Stakes Poker stands out as one of the busiest. If you check in on this expanding virtual poker room and casino every so often, you’re certain to find something new.

As most beginners have both limited expertise and time, they often begin their poker career in a standard Texas Hold’em cash game. Omaha cash, with its four hole cards and tense action, may be the next step in their poker education, but more often than not they will go on to Sit & Go games and, eventually, online poker tournaments for the “larger” experience.

Some new(ish) players may skip the practice phase and go directly to tournaments if they have access to a variety of multi-media resources that broadcast or otherwise showcase easy-to-follow action from multi-table events. To put it another way, poker rooms can’t go wrong by offering a full calendar of exciting tournaments for players of all skill levels to participate in and, maybe, earn some nice cash prizes.

If you can only play on specific days (or, alternatively, every day), the Summit Series, a new addition to Juicy Stakes Poker’s tournament lineup, is for you. It runs nonstop from Monday through Sunday. Since even the top players can’t win every time, giving them an entire series to participate in each week is a great way to keep them interested and engaged. Each of these daily $22 buy-inRebuy/Add-on tournaments has a well-balanced structure that should attract a sizable audience.

Weeklong Summit Presentations Monday through Sunday
Limitless Format A Hand of Texas Hold ‘Em
Time of start: 5:05pm EST
Buy-in: $20+$2
8 minute blinds
The initial stack is 3,000 chips.
We provide a 90-minute grace period for late registration.
The Summit Set.
As an aside, I feel compelled to highlight the series’ excellent moniker. There are many parallels between climbing and poker tournaments: both involve navigating through difficult and even dangerous terrain to reach the top.

As a matter of fact, on this page you’ll find a veritable banquet of information on online poker promotions and bonuses. Have a great time gambling and best of luck!



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